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Design your own Kids Birthday Hamper by selecting products you know they will love.

Raspberry Drops 185g - Sovereign Hill

Rainbow Shells 175g - Sovereign Hill

Freckleberry - Premium Belgian Chocolate Block - Happy Birthday

Out of stock

Happy Birthday - 100g Bloomsberry Milk Chocolate Bar

Out of stock

Freckleberry - Premium Belgian Chocolate Block - You're Awesome

Number 1- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 2- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 3- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 4- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 5- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 6- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 7- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 8- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 9- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 0- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

A-Z Endangered Animals

Astrid's Big Day

Christmas In Ballarat -Children's Book- Liv Lorkin

Autumn In Ballarat -Children's Book- Liv Lorkin

Out of stock

Spring In Ballarat -Children's Book- Liv Lorkin

Hope Is The Thing - Book

How The Kangaroos Got Their Tails

Crystal Bracelet- Zendaily

Big Speckles 150g- Goldfields

White Chocolate Big Speckles 150g - Goldfields

Giant Speckle Heart 150g

Choc Coated Bananas - Goldfields - 125g

Goldfields - Fruity Frogs 240g

Goldfields - Mint Leaves 220g

Jersey Caramels 170g - Goldfields

Sour Mix 150gm - Goldfields

Racing Cars - Goldfields Confectionary

Party Mix Lollies 200g - Goldfields

Goldfields - Jelly Beans -240g

Choc Honeycombe - Goldfields - 130g

Chocolate Mates 150g - Goldfields

Mini Fruit Sticks 200gm - Goldfields Confectionary

Goldfields - Fizzoes 250g

Temporarily unavailable

Goldfields - Fantasy Belts -130g

Goldfields - Fruity Sherbet Bombs 200g

Goldfields - Orange Choc Balls -130g

Freckleberry - Freckle Koala 40g

Freckleberry - Fun Rocky Road 150g

Freckleberry - Milk Choc Freckle Star 40g

De'Bee Pucker Up - Vanilla Lip Balm

De'Bee Pucker Up - Peppermint Lip Balm

De'Bee Pucker Up - Citrus Lip Balm

Grounded Pleasures Original Drinking Chocolate 50G

So Soft Mini Marshmallows - 100g

Natural Wood Daisy Earrings

"Froot Loops" - Travel Tin Candle - 20hr

"Musk Sticks" - Travel Tin Candle - 20hr

"Bubblegum" - Travel Tin Candle - 20hr

"Caramel Vanilla" - Travel Tin Candle - 20hr

Bees- Blue -Scrunchie - Mia & Talbot

Sunflowers -Scrunchie - Mia & Talbot

Black -Scrunchie - Mia & Talbot

Neon Dixie - Coloured Commando

Neon Dixie - Flowers

Neon Dixie - Mustard

You're the COOLEST - Australian Bush- Handcrafted Soap

Leaf & Petal -Passionfruit- Bath Bomb

Musk Sticks - Bath Bomb - Leaf & Petal

Lavender - Bath Bomb - Leaf & Petal

Dindi Naturals - Animal Soap

Living Nature - Wombat

Living Nature - Border Terrier

Living Nature - Pug Puppy

Living Nature - Golden Retriever Puppy

Living Nature - Grey Pet Rabbit

Living Nature - Brown Pet Rabbit

Select your preferred Postcard design for your custom message.

Welcome to the World Little One - Pink Welcome to the World Little One - Blue/Green Thinking Of You Thank You You Are So Loved Someone Thinks You're Pretty Spesh Hello There Generic Postcard Happy Birthday Sending You My Love Sending You Sunshine Special Delivery Don't worry Bee Happy Apart, but always in my heart Artbrush- Artist Postcard - Nap time Artbrush- Artist Postcard -Waratah Brodie Fairall - Artist Postcard Laura Jane Day - Artist Postcard Marcia King - Artist Postcard Rachel Jackson - Artist Postcard Tegan Crosbie - Artist Postcard You're my favourite person I love you thiiiisssss much You Rock For a very special friend Happy Mother's Day (Bear) Happy Mother's Day A little gift for you Believe in yourself, you will be unstoppable It's that heart of gold & stardust soul that makes you beautiful May all your vibes say... I'VE GOT THIS! THANK YOU For your kindness & support Enjoy every moment A little gift for you Christmas themed card

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Crystal Bracelet- Zendaily


Tigers Eye, Black Tourmaline, Larimar, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Amethyst

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