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Design your own Kids Birthday Hamper by selecting products you know they will love.

Raspberry Drops 185g - Sovereign Hill

Rainbow Shells 175g - Sovereign Hill

Freckleberry - Premium Belgian Chocolate Block - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday - 100g Milk Chocolate Bar- Ministry Of Chocolate

Happy Birthday - 100g Bloomsberry Milk Chocolate Bar

Freckleberry - Premium Belgian Chocolate Block - You're Awesome

I Love You - Chocolate Bar 100g- Freckleberry

White Fizz – 100g White Chocolate Bar- Ministry of Chocolate

Number 1- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 2- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 3- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 4- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 5- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 6- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 7- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 8- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 9- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

Number 0- Freckleberry Freckle 40g

A-Z Endangered Animals

Astrid's Big Day

Christmas In Ballarat -Children's Book- Liv Lorkin

Autumn In Ballarat -Children's Book- Liv Lorkin

Spring In Ballarat -Children's Book- Liv Lorkin

Out Of The Blue - Book

Hope Is The Thing - Book

How The Kangaroos Got Their Tails

Crystal Bracelet- Zendaily

Big Speckles 150g- Goldfields

White Chocolate Big Speckles 150g - Goldfields

Giant Speckle Heart 150g

Choc Coated Bananas - Goldfields - 125g

Goldfields - Fruity Frogs 240g

Goldfields - Mint Leaves 220g

Jersey Caramels 170g - Goldfields

Sour Mix 150gm - Goldfields

Racing Cars - Goldfields Confectionary

Party Mix Lollies 200g - Goldfields

Goldfields - Jelly Beans -240g

Choc Honeycombe - Goldfields - 130g

Chocolate Mates 150g - Goldfields

Mini Fruit Sticks 200gm - Goldfields Confectionary

Goldfields - Fizzoes 250g

Goldfields - Fantasy Belts -130g

Goldfields - Fruity Sherbet Bombs 200g

Goldfields - Orange Choc Balls -130g

Freckleberry - Freckle Koala 40g

Freckleberry - Fun Rocky Road 150g

Out of stock

Freckleberry - Milk Rocky Road 150g

Freckleberry - Milk Choc Freckle Star 40g

Cornish Fudge - Caramel

Cornish Fudge - Silky Chocolate

De'Bee Pucker Up - Vanilla Lip Balm

De'Bee Pucker Up - Peppermint Lip Balm

De'Bee Pucker Up - Citrus Lip Balm

Grounded Pleasures Original Drinking Chocolate 50G

So Soft Mini Marshmallows - 100g

Natural Wood Daisy Earrings

"Froot Loops" - Travel Tin Candle - 20hr

"Musk Sticks" - Travel Tin Candle - 20hr

"Bubblegum" - Travel Tin Candle - 20hr

"Caramel Vanilla" - Travel Tin Candle - 20hr

Bees- Blue -Scrunchie - Mia & Talbot

Sunflowers -Scrunchie - Mia & Talbot

Black -Scrunchie - Mia & Talbot

Neon Dixie - Coloured Commando

Neon Dixie - Flowers

Neon Dixie - Mustard

Select your preferred Postcard design for your custom message.

Welcome to the World Little One - Pink $0.00 Welcome to the World Little One - Blue/Green $0.00 Thinking Of You $0.00 Thank You $0.00 You Are So Loved $0.00 Someone Thinks You're Pretty Spesh $0.00 Hello There $0.00 Generic Postcard $0.00 Happy Birthday $0.00 Sending You My Love $0.00 Sending You Sunshine $0.00 Special Delivery $0.00 Don't worry Bee Happy $0.00 Apart, but always in my heart $0.00 Artbrush- Artist Postcard - Nap time $0.00 Artbrush- Artist Postcard -Waratah $0.00 Brodie Fairall - Artist Postcard $0.00 Laura Jane Day - Artist Postcard $0.00 Marcia King - Artist Postcard $0.00 Rachel Jackson - Artist Postcard $0.00 Tegan Crosbie - Artist Postcard $0.00 You're my favourite person $0.00 I love you thiiiisssss much $0.00 You Rock $0.00 For a very special friend $0.00 Happy Mother's Day (Bear) $0.00 Happy Mother's Day $0.00 A little gift for you $0.00 Believe in yourself, you will be unstoppable $0.00 It's that heart of gold & stardust soul that makes you beautiful $0.00 May all your vibes say... I'VE GOT THIS! $0.00 THANK YOU For your kindness & support $0.00 Enjoy every moment $0.00 A little gift for you $0.00 Christmas themed card $0.00

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Crystal Bracelet- Zendaily


Tigers Eye, Black Tourmaline, Larimar, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Amethyst

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