Orange + desert lime face mist 50ml- Wanderlightly


ORANGE + DESERT LIME mist is a wonderful natural toner as it works to refine & open pores while removing excess dirt or makeup. Orange is naturally uplifting so is perfect to brighten the spirit. Desert Lime* is packed full of Vitamin C & antioxidants that may soothe, revitalise & reduce the appearance of fine lines. Together these two work wonders to balance oily complexions, reduce puffiness & rejuvenate your skin!

*Desert Limes are sourced from Nukunu land & Quandong extract from both Wiradjuri lands & Ngarinyin lands. We pay deep respect to traditions, elders past, present and emerging & acknowledge the sacred stories, people, spirit and culture of this land & acknowledge the privilege of using such scared ingredients. Monthly rent paid to Aboriginal Legal Service.

love* rose floral water, witch hazel, moon bathed rose quartz crystals

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