Alcohol/Beer/Wine/Other- Add On


Add a bottle of local wine, beer or other alcohol to your hamper.

Please note: Alcohol not sold separately and must be purchased as part of a Hamper. The value of the liquor must not exceed 50% of the Hamper Value (Maximum 1.5L per Hamper) or your order may be refunded & unfulfilled.


Additional information


Kangaroo Hills Still Pinot Grigio, Kangaroo Hills Lagrein, Michael Unwin One Goat Moscato, Michael Unwin One Goat Sav Blanc, Michael Unwin One Goat Brut Reserve, Red Duck Brewery Super Normal Lager 330ml, Red Duck Brewery Altitude 435 pale ale 330ml, Red Duck Brewery Easy Tiger – amber ale 330ml, Red Duck Brewery Cherry Bang Bang -Summer Sour 330ml, Pink Gin & Soda Wildberry 355ml, Bootleg Booch Pink Apple Alcoholic Kombucha Can 330mL, Vodka & Soda Can 355ml, Pals Vodka Peach & Passionfruit Soda 330ml, Michael Unwin One Goat Shiraz, Michael Unwin Wines Tramcar Chardonnay Pinot Noir (Sparkling), Vodka Soda BL&CK Watermelon 355ml, Canadian Club Whisky & Dry 375ml, Larrikin Gin (Original) 200ml, Larrikin Gin (Scoundrel, London Dry) 200ml, Larrikin Gin (Sunburnt Country) 200ml, Larrikin Gin (Barrel Aged Limited Edition) 200ml, Wild Turkey American Honey & Cola 330ml, Archie Rose Gin & Tonic with Lemon & Pepperberry 200ml, Spruce Coffee Hard Cold Brew – Original – 250ml, Spruce Coffee Cold Brew – Nitro Charged 250ml, Larrikin Gin Bramble & Apple Pie Gin Liqueur 500ml, Turners Crossing Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, Local – Lemon Spiked Iced Tea 330ml, Local – Peach Spiked Iced Tea 330ml, Red Duck Brewery – Michael Pena Colada 330ml, Red Duck Brewery- My Highland Oatee 330ml, Red Duck Brewery- Espresso Joe & The Koko Kid 330ml, Red Duck Brewery – Simple Minds XPA 330ml, Red Duck Brewery- Big Lazy 330ml, Red Duck Brewery – Shadow of the storm 330ml, Red Duck Brewery – Super Super Normal 330ml, Red Duck Brewery Super Normal 330ml, Red Duck Brewery – Golden Dragon 330ml, Red Duck Brewery Miss Margaux Raspberry & Plum Sour 330ml, Gin O Clock – Gin and Soda Pink 250mL, Foxtails & Co – Negroni, Foxtails & Co – Expresso Martini, Foxtails & Co – Cranberry Peach Rose, Foxtails & Co – Coconut Pine & Pear, Foxtails & Co – Blood Orange, Foxtails & Co – Martini, Gin Soda & – Original Gin