Hello There!

Let us tell you a bit about ourselves…

Mia & Talbot first began in 2012 as a little candle stall at the local Farmer’s Market in Ballarat (Victoria) and has grown from there.

What we enjoyed most about market life was talking to our fellow stall holders and seeing the inspiring handmade creations coming from other businesses just like ours.

Gradually we started to switch out our products at home, instead of buying all of our groceries from the supermarket, we bought from local farmers. Instead of buying birthday gifts from chain stores, we purchased thoughtfully from small businesses.

We are a husband and wife team with 2 children who will always be our first priority, but Mia & Talbot is our third baby. We took the leap in 2022 and opened our first retail store in Sebastopol.

We love to support local families like ours, whilst also switching our focus to be more sustainable and learning exactly what is in the products we are using and switching them out for natural alternatives.

We decided that everyone needs a bit of pampering in their lives, so we started to support our fellow makers by including their products in our Pamper Hampers.

Sometimes you want to send someone a gift to say ‘Thank you’, ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Thinking of you’ but need an alternative to sending flowers…and that’s where we step in. We lovingly pack your gift hamper, print your personalised message and deliver your gift straight to their door.

We are constantly taking steps to improve our environmental impact, from the processes and materials we use, to the local businesses we support.

We are hoping to make a positive change to the way people think about buying gifts and would love for you come on this journey with us.

If you know of a local business we should be stocking we would love to hear about it.


Thank you